In thought , death seems farther than it really is.
It’s been stuck to me since the minute I was born.
It took a deeper toll at a young age and it showed in my actions.
Now it’s used for a statement or reaction.
When I go for it, I hope I never come back.
To really die , I must accept it in and out.
Between life and death , I’m niether here nor there. In your thoughts I’ll seem farther , but closest in your air.

"We fought, holy shit we fought but damn, we loved. We loved more than anything; I think that makes all the fighting okay; we fought because we cared. Our arguments were filled with passion and this strange fucked-up way of saying ‘I love you.’"

If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.

the deepest post on this site

I think im obsessed with the booty.

"My mom has this cute little analogy: that having boyfriends and girlfriends should be like using campsites— if and when you are done, leave them in better condition than when you found them (for the next camper). I don’t know… It’s just like a reminder to be graceful when you try to handle either break up situations or when you try to solve problems with them."
Things Emma Miller Says To Help (source)
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